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Royals not amused by souvenir hankies May 4, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in The Royals.

Royal officials tried to stop souvenir handkerchiefs being made to mark the wedding of the Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947 because it was not appropriate for people to be blowing their noses on the future British monarch.

According to records just been released, Commander Dudley Colles in the Privy Purse Office wrote to the Home Office asking if it could prevent the Cheadle Fabric Co from making handkerchiefs featuring portraits of Princess Elizabeth and her groom.

“My own view is that it is not desirable for such a handkerchief to be made,” Cdr Colles wrote, according to a document released by the National Archives. But a Home Office official thought it was unlikely that any noses would be blown into the handkerchiefs.

“Hitherto, the Home Office attitude has been that where a handkerchief would, by virtue of its small size, design and material not be suitable for the ordinary purpose for which handkerchiefs are made, but would be purchased and laid away as a souvenir of an historic occasion, objection would not be taken,” the unidentified official wrote.

A higher official said there was nothing the government could do. “There are no enforceable rules prohibiting manufacture of articles which, it is considered, should not bear the royal portrait,” he wrote.

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