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Trojan impersonates Windows activation May 6, 2007

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Symantec is reporting on a Trojan horse that mimics the Windows activation interface.

What they are calling Trojan.Kardphisher doesn’t do most of the technical things that Trojan horses usually do; it’s a pure social engineering attack, aimed at stealing credit card information. In a sense, it’s a standalone phishing program.

Once you reboot your PC after running the program, the program asks you to activate your copy of Windows and, while it assures you that you will not be charged, it asks for credit card information. If you don’t enter the credit card information it shuts down the PC. The Trojan also disables Task Manager, making it more difficult to shut down..

Running on the first reboot is clever. It inherently makes the process look more like it’s coming from Windows itself, and it removes the temporal connection to running the Trojan horse. The program even runs on versions of Windows prior to XP, which did not require activation.

This is not an attack that will sneak by you. The executable is nearly 1MB large. But if you find yourself in this situation you should be able to disable it in Windows Safe mode by removing the registry keys described in the Symantec writeup and deleting the program it points to. Updated antivirus software should also be able to remove it.

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Yahoo to shut its original photo site May 6, 2007

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Yahoo plans to close its Yahoo Photos service this fall, the company said Friday. Users of Yahoo Photos will have to move to photo sharing site Flickr soon.

Yahoo Inc is shutting down Yahoo Photos, its first-generation photo storage site, and asking users to move instead to Yahoo’s Web 2.0 photo sharing site, Flickr, a company official said.

In June, tens of millions of registered users of Yahoo Photos will be notified of various options including upgrading to Yahoo’s Flickr service or various outside-photo storage sites, says Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield.

Yahoo also will offer consumers the option of loading their photos on competing sites when users are notified next month.

These include PhotoBucket, the most popular online photo sharing service among users of social network sites like News Corp’s MySpace, or more conventional photo printing and storage site such as Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly Inc or Snapfish, he said. “Flickr will get top-billing, of course,” he said about the plan to give users mulitple alternatives.

The move follows the explosive surge in growth by PhotoBucket, an independent photo storage site based in Palo Alto, California, from a quarter of the market a year ago to around 40 per cent last month, according to Hitwise Inc data.