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Spidey is serious May 7, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Movies.

Third Spiderman Sequel Breaks All The Records
For the first week of screening, Spiderman puts 375 million dollars into his pocket

spiderman.jpg  You read it correctly! 375 million dollars will finish up into the pockets of the film hero Spiderman. His original creator Stan Lee probably never even dreamed of such a success of his “child”. The filming of this movie, which was pronounced the most expensive film of all time, cost 258 million dollars, and it seems like every cent paid off. Lets take a look at exactly how the numbers and millions add up.

Spiderman’s opening is currently the strongest in the history of film, and its example is followed by “Stars Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” whose opening earned 254 million dollars two years ago.

In America during the first weekend of screening, Spiderman earned 148 million dollars and topped the new Pirates of the Caribbean with their 135.6 million dollar earnings.

Last Friday, in only one day, Spidey earned 59.3 million dollars and again topped the record earnings of The Pirates of the Caribbean, which was 55.8 million dollars.

The filming of the movie cost 258 million dollars, whilst some experts claim that an extra 125 million was spent on promoting the film.

The first week of screening in Japan brought 26.5 million dollars, in Britain 23 million, and in France, 22 million dollars.

Statistics showed that the American viewers of Spiderman consist of 54% males, whilst 65% are younger than 25.

The original “Spider-Man” from 2002 also made record earnings with a start of 114.8 million dollars, and a final 403.7 million dollars. Two years later, “Spider-Man 2” earned 373 million dollars. This year’s winner in all cinemas will probably stay number one until the arrival of a new hit, which is also a third sequel, Shrek, with a simple title “Shrek the Third”. The script for a fourth Spiderman is already in preparation, but no contract have been signed yet.

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