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Lights out for incandescent bulbs May 9, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Ecology.
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Ontario Province says it’s “lights out” for incandescent light bulbs in 2012.

Following Australia’s lead, the provincial government announced in late April it’s banning incandescent bulbs and expects the move to save six million kWh/year, enough to power 600,000 homes, according to Energy Minister Dwight Duncan.

The Ontario Ministry of Energy plans to meet with industry and government reps, as well as U.S. regulators, to establish energy efficiency standards for lighting and draft legislation banning inefficient bulbs. The provincial government says it’s changing to compact fluorescent light bulbs now and also plans to implement five other conservation measures.

Starting this summer, the initiatives will provide coupons for energy-saving lights and other devices, offer rebates for energy-efficient air conditioners and refrigerators, discount electric bills for customers who reduce their summer energy usage, and implement a voluntary program called Peaksaver that lets local utilities remotely cycle down central air conditioners, water heaters and pool pumps when generating capacity is stretched.


Dogs not just for patios May 9, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Food Drinks News.
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Apparently outdoor dining is no longer good enough for man’s best friend. An Oregon state legislator thinks our hairy four-legged friends should be allowed inside all restaurants, as long as they’re leashed and well-behaved, that is.

Florida made it possible for cities to pass ordinances that allow dogs on outdoor patios, and several municipalities including Dallas have passed similar laws. But Oregon state representative Brian Clem likes his dog so much he thinks it should be able to accompany him inside restaurants. The bill he proposed would let owners discriminate against breeds and restrict dogs (and owners) to a “dog-friendly”section of the restaurant.

Neighboring Washington State considered a three-year pilot program to allow doggie dining on outdoor patios, but the legislature nixed it due to health concerns. Oregon’s environmental public health administrator says she’s opposed to the bill, admitting “I love dogs. Love them. But not around food.”