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Queen’s US visit unexpected gaffes May 10, 2007

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Queen delayed by short red carpet > The Queen’s first appearance in the US for 16 years was delayed, because the red carpet was 15ft too short.

Five thousand cheering well-wishers in Capital Square, Richmond, Virginia, were told via a PA system: “The Queen has landed”. But the Sun reports Her Majesty was stuck on the plane for 20 embarrassing minutes as workers struggled to join up the red carpet to the plane steps.

The problem was made worse when it was realised that the steps were too low to reach the aircraft door. A royal equerry was seen at the open hatch, looking at his watch and waving. The Duke of Edinburgh emerged, wondering what was taking so long, until members of the guard of honour sorted out the problems.

Bush winks at Queen > George Bush has raised more eyebrows after getting his dates wrong and winking at the Queen.

His slip-up came during the official welcome ceremony on the south lawn of the White House, attended by 7,000 people. The US president first aged the monarch by 200 years by starting to suggest she came to the US in 1776, reports Sky News.

“You helped our nation to celebrate its bicentennial in 17… 1976,” he said in his speech. As the crowd started laughing, he paused, turned to the Queen and winked at her. He then declared: “You gave me a look that only a mother could give a child.”


What Googlers hit around the world May 10, 2007

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Doberman, blood diamond, Vietnam war, bookshop. Alternatively, what about tango, zeus, Zara and the police? A world map of the mind can be sketched out by the words people search for on the internet, which are recorded by country by Google Zeitgeist http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist

If you thought the first four searches displayed a certain seriousness, and an interest in European dog breeds, you may have guessed they were among the 10 most requested in Denmark during March, the most recent month for which figures are available. The second set of terms gained most in popularity in Spain that month.

Unsurprisingly, searches in Britain seem to be about entertainment, PSP games, Johnny Depp, Shrek 3 and Red Nose Day were all in the “top gaining” top 10. This pattern is repeated across the frivolous western world. Australia’s fastest risers were crosswords and Ugg boots; in France it’s Orange and Tokio Hotel, a German rock band; in the Netherlands it’s Killers and Starbucks.

In contrast, searches in developing nations are much more worthy and urgent: in Colombia popular searches include co-operatives and the Colombian livestock farmer association; in the Philippines it is hospitals and typhoons. Popular searches in Afghanistan include army knowledge online and ministry of higher education. Iraqis were looking at army correspondence course and kidnapping Iraq.

Globalisation throws up some interesting incongruities. Iraqi searchers’ sudden interest in Anna Nicole Smith, ninth most popular, is explained by her widely reported death, but why did Greece experience a spring surge in fascination for Catherine Zeta-Jones? And why was Celine Dion suddenly popular in Finland?

Google is coy about the popularity of less family-friendly search terms. It has been reported that there are more Google searches for sex in Pakistan than anywhere else in the world but Google Zeitgeist has no such figure, in March, Pakistanis were looking at Lamborghini and, intriguingly, “male models”. Does Google not record pornographic searches? Are the most popular searches always rude ones? “That’s absolutely not the case,” says a Google spokesperson. “We think it’s more interesting to look at what gained popularity in a period of time. Searches are not all dominated by adult keywords.”

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Soldiers’ ‘kinky’ sex video May 10, 2007

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Britain’s military top brass has been embarrassed and infuriated by a shocking home video showing drunken elite guardsmen performing kinky sex dressed in just their world-famous bearskins and scarlet tunics.

Existence of the shocking film, revealed by the Sun newspaper on Wednesday, was confirmed by the army. The soldiers of the Scots Guards, a prestigious regiment that also serves in southern Iraq, are seen shamelessly exposing themselves to the camera and dancing half naked while swigging from bottles.

The four men, all believed to be from Glasgow, in Scotland, are seen fondling each other, dressed in nothing but their prestigious tunics, bearskins and socks. The incident happened in Chelsea barracks in London last Friday, the army confirmed.

“This is high spirits and horseplay by young soldiers which we do not condone. They have been identified and will be dealt with,” said an army spokesperson on Wednesday.

Clearly concerned, and attempting to play down the incident, military sources said the men had “just let off steam”. Such behaviour was “quite natural” in young men. In another X-rated clip the guard filming his three colleagues performs a lewd sex act on one of them and spanks his bare bottoms.

Furious colleagues have demanded that the men be kicked out the army. But the spokesperson said it was now up to the company commander to decide on disciplinary measures.

“We are supposed to be one of the most disciplined regiments in the entire Army but these guys have made us look like fools. We feel let down by them and they should be shown the door,” one insider was quoted in the Sun.

Fisticuffs on the Lloyd’s floor and history on a café’s wall May 10, 2007

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We are sure this kind of thing would not happen now but there was a time when satirists imagined Lloyd’s underwriters could turn pugilistic at the drop of a pen.

A cartoon featuring an imagined punch-up on the Lloyd’s floor will go under the hammer later this month.

The original artwork: Underwriter dealing with broker who has stolen the best account and signed by the artist, HM Bateman (1887-1970), is expected to fetch between £4,000-£6,000 ($7,900-$11,800) at Bonhams’ sale of Modern Pictures & Illustrations on 22 May.

Australian-born Henry Mayo Bateman studied at the Westminster School of Art and then at Goldsmiths College, selling his first cartoon to Scraps at the age of 16. He went on to contribute regularly to Tatler and Punch, specialising in situations of social embarrassment and creating characters drawn more from feelings and emotion than physical likeness, a style he called “going mad on paper”.

For more information, visit: www.bonhams.com

Designer delivers a Greek ideal for Target May 10, 2007

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Designer fashion doesn’t have to carry a designer price tag.

Nobody understands this, it seems, better than Target. Patrick Robinson is the latest in a string of high-fashion designers to create a collection of women’s fashion and accessories for the discount retailer’s limited-edition GO collection. His exclusive line launched in early May and will be available through July 15.

Robinson, who has worked with some of the most recognized names in the industry including Giorgio Armani, Anne Klein, Perry Ellis and Paco Rabanne, puts his own spin on summer wardrobe classics with a bold, Mediterranean-inspired print found throughout the collection on a tunic, sleeveless dress, bubble skirt and reversible tank.

The collection inspiration came from Greece: the ancient frescoes, the vintage prints, how the clothes draped. I described it from the start as the Greek goddess collection. I wanted my collection to evoke summer with casual, easy and carefree clothes with the right dose of sexy, Robinson said. The look is casual and effortless and the colors are light and bright, perfect for summer.