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Rewarding good driving in Bosnia May 15, 2007

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Motorists in Bosnia were surprised on the weekend when they were pulled over by police only to be presented with music CDs as a reward for good driving, a Sarajevo daily said yesterday.

Police in the eastern town of Gorazde handed out CDs with popular local music to conscientious drivers for obeying rules, such as speed limits and using seat belts, said the Dnevni Avaz newspaper. Bad driving habits and poor roads make driving in Bosnia one of the most dangerous experiences in Europe.


Trust introduces a new line of wireless desk sets May 15, 2007

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Trust has introduced a new line of advanced, ergonomic optical and laser desk sets. The new 2.4 gigahertz technology ensures a flawless mouse reaction and a wireless range of 8 metres. Thanks to the latest energy-saving technology, the batteries last twice as long.

The top models from Trust’s development labs are the Wireless Laser MediaPlayer Deskset DS-4700R (www.trust.com/15220) and its optical counterpart, the Wireless Optical MediaPlayer Deskset DS-3700R (www.trust.com/15177). These advanced multimedia desk sets consist of an extremely thin, modern wireless keyboard, an 8-button wireless mouse and a micro USB receiver.

The slimline keyboard, which has 19 multimedia buttons, a volume button and a number of Windows Vista function buttons, provides the user with direct access to the most common Windows and Media Player applications. To make the desk set even more efficient, Trust has also integrated the Windows Media Player buttons in the mouse. The mouse also has a handy zoom function, a tilt scroll wheel for horizontal and vertical scrolling and a special dpi button that makes it possible to easily change the speed of the mouse.

Apart from the above models for demanding users, Trust has also developed the Wireless Laser Deskset DS-4400D (www.trust.com/15207) and the Wireless Optical Deskset DS-3400D (www.trust.com/15176). Despite their compact design, these slimline, wireless multimedia keyboards with a wireless mouse and a USB receiver still have 12 multimedia buttons. Furthermore, the ergonomic, 5-button mouse has a rubber, anti-slip coating for optimal control.

The Trust Wireless Desksets will be available from the end of May with a recommended retail price, excluding VAT, of euro 41,99 for the Laser MediaPlayer DS-4700R, euro 33,55 for the Optical MediaPlayer DS-3700R, euro 33,55 for the Laser Deskset DS-4400D and euro 25,15 for the Optical Deskset DS-3400D.

Trust sound stations for black iPod May 15, 2007

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With the introduction of a range of white Made for iPod sound stations, Trust was one of the first manufacturers to produce high-quality sound and docking stations for the iPod. As a result of the great success of these high-quality products and the increasing popularity of the black iPod, Trust is now introducing a range of Made for iPod products with a shiny black look.

The Trust 2.1 Sound Station for iPod SP-2994Bi (www.trust.com/15273) is an elegant sound station that is not only suitable for listening to music, but also functions as a recharger for the iPod battery. The powerful stereo speakers and the integrated subwoofer produce a good sound with an output of 35 Watt RMS.

Trust is also introducing the following sound and docking stations with a new shiny black look.

The Sound & Radio Station SP-2991Bi (www.trust.com/15269) is an advanced stereo speaker set for the iPod with an integrated digital AM/FM radio, an infrared remote control and an output of 20 Watt RMS. It can be used to recharge an iPod whilst listening to music or viewing iPod videos on a TV.

The Sound Station SP-2992Bi (www.trust.com/15275) is another high-quality sound and docking station. Thanks to the powerful neodymium technology and bass reflex design, it produces a sound of a high quality with impressive bass and an output of 30 Watt RMS.

Finally, the Audio-Video Station AV-8200Bi (www.trust.com/15276) is a compact sound and docking station that can be used to view videos and photographs on a TV, to listen to iPod music or to play podcasts via a HiFi system.

The great success of the Trust Made for iPod products was underlined in Germany. On the initiative of small and medium-sized companies, the Innovation Prize 2007 was awarded to the Trust Alarm Clock Radio for iPod for being the most innovative product in the Consumer Electronics category. Since products also have to be pleasing on the eye, it is now possible to wake up in style with the best music from your iPod with the black Alarm Clock Radio SP-2993Bi (www.trust.com/15271).

Trust is part of Apple’s Made for iPod programme and has introduced a range of products that are specifically intended for use with an iPod. These certified products meet the standards set by Apple concerning performance, quality and design.

The new range of black Made for iPod products will be available from the beginning of June with a recommended retail price, excluding VAT, of euro 50,40 for the Audio-Video Station AV-8200Bi, euro 75,60 for the Sound Station SP-2992Bi, euro 83,99 for the 2.1 Sound Station SP-2994Bi, euro 83,99 for the Sound & Radio Station SP-2991Bi and euro 92,40 for the Alarm Clock Radio for iPod SP-2993Bi.

Lycos Europe to sell German narrowband business May 15, 2007

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Lycos Europe N.V., one of the leading European portal providers and online advertisers, has signed through its subsidiary Lycos Europe GmbH with Paixas GmbH an agreement about the sale of its German narrowband business for a consideration of around 500.000 euro.

The sale is effective as of May 1 and comprises the narrowband customers and the German and the European brand “comundo” of Lycos. The discussions about a potential sale of the Lycos broadband business are still ongoing.

Lycos Europe is one of the leading Internet destinations operating a network of websites in seven languages in Europe and the USA. The Lycos Europe Network provides an attractive medium not only for consumers but also for advertisers and e-commerce partners.

Every month about 38 million users visit the Lycos Europe sites and also partner sites distributed by Lycos Europe in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Korea’s Pantech launches dual-LCD sliding phone May 15, 2007

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Pantech Group, the leading Korean handset manufacturer, has launched the IM-R200 handset, the latest dual-LCD sliding phone weighing just 104gr equipped with an OLED touch-sensitive screen.

Separated from its main LCD display, the new phone does away with the standard keypad in favor of a brand-new LCD-typed keypad. When sliding up, the virtual keypad shows up on the LCD that is touch-sensitive, allowing users to dial numbers and view contacts with a stroke of a finger.

Chang Jin Park, Head of the Domestic Marketing Division, Pantech Group, said, “by incorporating the touch screen keypad into a sliding form factor, the IM-R200 will help customers to embrace the touch screen as one of the major input technologies, while providing novel fun of using the touch-sensitive keypad.”

Its touch keypad offers a fun and easy way to use its multimedia applications with separate and virtual interfaces for each function. For example, the touch sensitive LCD displays various lists of songs when the phone is used as a music player, while it shows camera functions when used as a camera.

The capacitive touch screen of the IM-R200 vibrates when pressed, to give the feel of a real buttons, sporting enhanced and unique sense of the entire phone. The dual camera, a 2 mega-pixel camera and a VGA camera, mounted on the IM-R200 features face recognition function; it can recognize the shape of a face and automatically adjust it for the best look when shooting.

Other highlights include a 2.0-inch QVGA LCD with 260,000 colors for main display, a 1.6-inch OLED LCD with 260,000 colors for its keypad and 128 polyphonic ringtones. Also it has document viewer functionality, enabling users to scroll through the documents.

The IM-R200 will be launched in Korea this month under the SKY brand and will be supplied to SK Telecom and KTF, two of the top three wireless operators in Korea.