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Russia’s NBC launches 12 pay-TV channels on Eutelsat May 15, 2007

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Russia’s National Broadcasting Company announced the launch of 12 new channels on the W4 satellite of Eutelsat Communications  in order to expand development of its Tricolor television platform.

The channels have been launched following signature in February 1 of a contract for the lease of a second transponder on W4 between Eutelsat and RSCC, acting on behalf of National Broadcasting Company.

Launched in Russia in 2005 as a free package of 15 channels accessed via a decoder developed and commercialised by General Satellite, the Tricolor platform serves an audience of 800,000 homes. With buoyant receiver sales since the beginning of 2007, Tricolor forecasts audience growth to 1.2 mln homes by the end of the year. Tricolor’s main target are the estimated 50 mln viewers in western parts of Russia (up to and including the Urals) living in rural areas with limited offer of channels through terrestrial reception.

The platform was launched in November 2005 on one transponder on Eutelsat’s W4 satellite as a subscription-free digital package of Russian national and regional channels with the only cost being the receiver. Boosted by rapid receiver sales, Tricolor is now moving into the second phase of its development with the launch of 12 new channels available in low-cost thematic packages.

Called Optimum, this new offer is commercialised in six packages, each containing two channels with the same theme: childrens, films, cinema, sport, auto plus, lifestyle, adventure, entertainment and comedy.

Each of these options is available individually for an annual cost of 8 euros or as a combined offer (all five options) for 16 euros per year. The night-time and night club package is available for 14 euros per year.

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