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Trust sound stations for black iPod May 15, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Gadgets.

With the introduction of a range of white Made for iPod sound stations, Trust was one of the first manufacturers to produce high-quality sound and docking stations for the iPod. As a result of the great success of these high-quality products and the increasing popularity of the black iPod, Trust is now introducing a range of Made for iPod products with a shiny black look.

The Trust 2.1 Sound Station for iPod SP-2994Bi (www.trust.com/15273) is an elegant sound station that is not only suitable for listening to music, but also functions as a recharger for the iPod battery. The powerful stereo speakers and the integrated subwoofer produce a good sound with an output of 35 Watt RMS.

Trust is also introducing the following sound and docking stations with a new shiny black look.

The Sound & Radio Station SP-2991Bi (www.trust.com/15269) is an advanced stereo speaker set for the iPod with an integrated digital AM/FM radio, an infrared remote control and an output of 20 Watt RMS. It can be used to recharge an iPod whilst listening to music or viewing iPod videos on a TV.

The Sound Station SP-2992Bi (www.trust.com/15275) is another high-quality sound and docking station. Thanks to the powerful neodymium technology and bass reflex design, it produces a sound of a high quality with impressive bass and an output of 30 Watt RMS.

Finally, the Audio-Video Station AV-8200Bi (www.trust.com/15276) is a compact sound and docking station that can be used to view videos and photographs on a TV, to listen to iPod music or to play podcasts via a HiFi system.

The great success of the Trust Made for iPod products was underlined in Germany. On the initiative of small and medium-sized companies, the Innovation Prize 2007 was awarded to the Trust Alarm Clock Radio for iPod for being the most innovative product in the Consumer Electronics category. Since products also have to be pleasing on the eye, it is now possible to wake up in style with the best music from your iPod with the black Alarm Clock Radio SP-2993Bi (www.trust.com/15271).

Trust is part of Apple’s Made for iPod programme and has introduced a range of products that are specifically intended for use with an iPod. These certified products meet the standards set by Apple concerning performance, quality and design.

The new range of black Made for iPod products will be available from the beginning of June with a recommended retail price, excluding VAT, of euro 50,40 for the Audio-Video Station AV-8200Bi, euro 75,60 for the Sound Station SP-2992Bi, euro 83,99 for the 2.1 Sound Station SP-2994Bi, euro 83,99 for the Sound & Radio Station SP-2991Bi and euro 92,40 for the Alarm Clock Radio for iPod SP-2993Bi.

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