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Camilla on holidays in Greece without Prince Charles May 16, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in The Royals.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is enjoying a vacation without Britain’s Prince Charles, amid reports that the couple argued over the use of their private jet.

The Prince allegedly decided to remain at home since he believed using their private jet to fly to Greece would make a mockery of his efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The Duchess, who recently had hysterectomy, reportedly told her husband she needed to use the jet, rather than board a chartered flight, due to her recent health problems.

Charles, 58, traditionally accompanies his wife for a week-long trip to the Aegean every summer. But this year he stayed behind despite having no official duties scheduled for this week. Camilla, 59, enjoyed a cruise of the sunny Greek isles with her friends aboard Greek billionaire Spiros Latsis’s private yacht on Tuesday night.

Environmentalist Charles vowed at the start of the year that Clarence House would make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and release a ‘green’ transport plan. The Prince already canceled his annual Swiss skiing trip in a show of dedication to the cause. Earlier this year, Charles was criticized for jetting to the U.S. to collect an award for increasing environmental awareness.

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