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Joost TV on the Web May 31, 2007

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From the Skype and Kazaa founders

The founders of VoIP software Skype and peer-to-peer application Kazaa announced that they would allow users to watch TV for free on the Web.

Users will watch TV through a special programme they will have to download. The programmes will also include advertisements. Joost has struck deals with Warner Music, Endemol and September Films, among others. The trial edition will be available to a limited number of users, featuring comedies, sports, music and documentaries, stated its Managing Director Frederic de Val. Joost belongs to TCP Holdings SA, stationed in Luxembourg but has also offices in New York, London and Leiden, Holland.

Originally, the programmes will begin to be aired from a small number of file servers and then distributed automatically from user to user through peer-to-peer software.

Scandinavian entrepreneurs Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom are behind the new global broadband and television service. They became famous with the popular Kazza exchange archives service and free telephone calls over the Internet before selling Skype to eBay for $US2.5 billion in 2005. Their names are a guarantee for attracting interest in Joost, especially after the successful video services of You Tube and Google Video.

In parallel, more telecommunication companies are planning to offer their services on Web TV, using IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) technology.

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