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Ready for a space flight? May 31, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Science.

A Lifetime Experience for Stephen Hawkins

Stephen Hawkins, the British physicist who has been nailed in wheelchair for over forty years, had a unique lifetime experience. Despite the serious health problems he faces, Hawkins managed to make his lifelong dream come true. He flew under conditions of zero gravity not once but eight times. Talking to the reporters shortly after his experience, he appeared pretty excited, saying that the zero-gravity flight was amazing.

A zero-gravity flight can take place with a specially modified Boeing 727 known as G-Force One.

The said conditions are created when the plane reaches 10,000m and then goes into a sharp dive to 2,600m, with the passengers experiencing low-gravity conditions for about 25 seconds.

Each flight costs about 3,500 dollars and includes 15 sharp dives. But the leading physicist had this unique zero-gravity experience for free.

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