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Britain’s Prince Philip celebrates his 86th birthday June 10, 2007

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Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, celebrated his 86th birthday at Windsor Castle on Sunday, but had to wait one day for his customary gun salutes.

The senior Royal, born on June 10, 1921, in Corfu, Greece, has shown no sign of slowing down. He has accompanied the Queen at official events in Britain and overseas in the last year and attended some engagements on his own. Prince Philip also is a member of the House of Lords and hands over a tiddlywinks trophy each year.

His birthday will be commemorated with customary gun salutes in London, but since his birthday fell on Sunday, the Christian day of worship, the ceremonies will be held on Monday. Forty-one rounds will be fired by the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery at Hyde Park at midday. An hour later, 62 rounds will be fired at the Gun Wharf near the Tower of London by the Honorary Artillery Company.


Post-modern Olympics June 10, 2007

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The International Olympic Committee is considering adding skateboarding as a discipline for the 2012 Olympiad in London, which should come as no surprise considering that BMX cycling has been added to the 2008 Games in Beijing.

The IOC wants to make the Olympics more relevant for young people, which is nice. That’s probably why it’s keeping speed walking and threatening to drop baseball. Makes perfect sense.

Marks & Spencer to sell iPod suit for men June 10, 2007

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Dedicated followers of fashion won’t see any kinks > Marks  & Spencer is planning to tap into the iPod craze by selling a men’s suit fitted with touchpad controls.

  The MusicStyle wool and Lycra suit from Bagir features five buttons as part of an electronic control panel which can be worn on the sleeve or the inner lapel. It also comes with a strategically placed pocket for the iPod so as not to cause a bulge, and has discreet loops to hide the earphone wires.

“The cut of the suit follows the dictates of the latest fashion; hence from the outside it looks like a regular well-made suit,” said a statement from Bagir. “With a few presses on the sleeve buttons, the wearer can easily play, pause and rewind the songs on his player, as well as adjust the volume.”

The touchpad technology is provided by Eleksen’s ElekTex smart fabric, which is used in everything from bags to cycling shorts. The black pinstripe suit will cost £149.

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Hoodies and Potus enter dictionary June 10, 2007

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“Hoodies” and “leaf peepers” are among hundreds of new words and phrases included in an updated version of an English dictionary that can be downloaded and accessed by mobile phone for the first time from Monday.

Ever since the Conservative Party leader David Cameron told us to “hug a hoodie”, a young person who wears a hooded sweatshirt, regarded by some as a potential hooligan, the phrase has become commonplace. Now its usage has been formally recognised in the latest edition of the Collins English Dictionary.

“Leaf peeper” has gained acceptance as describing a tourist who visits New England in autumn to see the changing colours of the foliage. The new words are intended to provide a reflection of our changing world and its requirements, Collins said. Other new words and phrases include:

Barbecue stopper, a controversial current-affairs issue, or a social gaffe.

Croydon facelift, the tightening effect on the skin of a woman’s face caused by securing the hair at the back of the head in a tight ponytail.

Disemvowel, to remove the vowels from a word (a word in a text message, e-mail etc) in order to abbreviate it.

Dykon, a celebrity much admired by lesbians.

Exergaming, the playing of video games that require rigorous physical exercise and are intended as a work-out, such as those in which players race a virtual bicycle on-screen by pedalling a simulator resembling an exercise bike.

Extraordinary rendition, the process by which a country seizes a person assumed to be involved in terrorist activity and then transports him or her for interrogation to a country where due process of law is unlikely to be respected.

Girlfriend experience, a service provided by a prostitute that includes more personal activity, such as kissing, than provided traditionally by sex workers.

POTUS, president of the United States.

Season creep, the gradual changing in the length of the seasons, as demonstrated by earlier flowering of plants, etc, thought by many to be caused by climate change.

Carbon footprint, a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by a single endeavour or by a company, household, or individual through day-to-day activities.

Angelina Jolie to join former US Presidents June 10, 2007

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Angelina Jolie has been selected to join former US presidents and politicians on a prestigious foreign policy council.

The actress was approved as a foreign policy leader on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) on Thursday, in recognition of her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. The group includes former US presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, current politicians such as Condoleezza Rice and journalists.

Lisa Shields, vice president of communications at CFR, said: “Angelina Jolie is accomplished in her field and has demonstrated serious interest in issues such as Darfur, international education and refugees. As such, her profile fits very well with other young professionals we’ve selected as the next generation of foreign policy leaders.”

Angelina, 32, recently said she would rather be remembered for her humanitarian work than her films. The star joined the United Nations refugee agency in 2001 after visiting Cambodia, where she adopted her first child, Maddox, now aged five, a year later.

She has since visited refugee camps in over 30 countries and adopted two more children, Zahara, two, from Ethiopia and Pax, three, from Vietnam. Angelina and long-term lover Brad Pitt also have one-year-old daughter Shiloh.