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Is this the end of a military career? June 10, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in The Royals.

  Depressed Prince Harry wants to leave the Army

Prince Harry wants to quit his military career in the British Army after he was not sent to Iraq, writes the Daily Mail, on Saturday.

The twenty two year old British Prince told his friends that “he can not handle the humiliation” after his request to go to the front line in Iraq was rejected, said a source close to Harry to the newspaper. However, on Friday, his spokesperson said that “Prince Harry will stay loyal to his military career”, even though another source close to the Royal family says that “he will decide himself, how long he will serve in the army”.

The Prince’s friend told the newspaper that Harry is depressed because of that, and as a replacement, he will not even be sent to Afghanistan. The source adds that Harry, the third heir to the throne, realized that the situation in Iraq is too dangerous for members of the Royal family.

“He tries to think positively about everything that happened, because the situation in Iraq is unusual, but deep in his heart he knows that not going to Iraq means a deadly blow to his military career”, said the source.

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