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Police drummer says he discovered Sting June 10, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Music.

The Police drummer Stewart Copeland says he “discovered” bandmate Sting.

The 54-year-old musician claims he is not resentful of the singer’s solo success post-Police, who acrimoniously split more than 20 years ago, because he was instrumental in creating him.

He said: “I take great pride in Sting. I don’t deserve to because I didn’t really create him, but I feel as if I did. I discovered him. I found him up in Newcastle, I brought him down to London. I didn’t actually. He was coming down anyway, but I take credit for that. I’m very proud of him. I don’t stand for people putting him down. He’s a tower of music talent.”

Copeland, who recently reunited with Sting and guitarist Andy Summers for a year-long world tour, insists has no plans to record any new material with The Police. When asked if he was interested in a reunion album, he said: “No. Really I’m saying that because that’s just the mindset. With The Police it’s an all-consuming monster. By March, which I think is when we’re planning on finishing up, ask me again. But for the moment I am enjoying the prospect of this year because it’s just a year.”

The rock band spent time rehearsing at Sting’s Italian mansion, which Copeland jokingly refers to as the ‘Magic Stingdom’, ahead of ‘The Police Reunion Tour’ which kicked off in Canada last month.

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