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The use of e-mail June 15, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Internet, Pop Culture.

The use of e-mail has disturbed the axis of power.

The point of telephoning a big shot in the office was to see if they would take your call. It signified priority and urgency. E-mails can be exchanged between times, filling up the spaces of a working day.

So I was delighted to hear of the fashion for “double calling” as a way of demonstrating power rather than eliciting information. One particular Hollywood producer has refined a system of getting assistants to phone a number of key industry figures. As soon as the phone is picked up, they ring off. At the moment the assistant’s call is connecting, the producer can phone and be sure of getting voicemail. He leaves a message asking the engaged callee to phone back. A note is then taken of who calls back and how quickly. Deals stand or fall by the respectfully swift response. When they get through to the producer, he says it was nothing in particular, just a social call.

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