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Reykjavík Museum of Photography > Exhibition June 18, 2007

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Most people are aware that Iceland is famous for the diversity of its natural environment and that, from a geographical and geological perspective; it is considered one of the most fascinating places on Earth. 

Throughout the years, photographers from all over the world have sought inspiration in Iceland and have more than done justice to the country’s landscape and its most famous historical sites. 

Romantic vision of nature, untouched wilderness, and breathtaking scenery long dominated Icelandic landscape photography. However the situation today is different. People’s view towards landscape has changed with increasing interest in the changeability of landscape.

The title of the exhibition, “Automatos,” which now is on display in Reykjavík Museum of Photography, refers to a concept in Greek philosophy, and it means “that which is created from within and expands or blossoms.” 

On display until September 9.

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