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Venice is going wireless June 27, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Internet.

A few years ago a group of young intellectuals in Venice, called Attualamente, experimented with wireless communications by staging to a massive open air rave that to onlookers would have appeared to be totally silent.

Recently, when the non-profit collective of thinkers and researchers set up a wireless hotspot for their offices in the heart of Venice, they were quite surprised and delighted to find a small crowd had gathered outside, laptops open, exploiting the new wi-fi connectivity.

Registering the demand for this technology, Attualamente now have plans to roll out free or low-cost wireless service across other areas of the city.

With more and more people, especially the young, leaving Venice for good, the collective saw wi-fi as a way of helping the city reclaim its rapidly dwindling sense of community.

The team are also keen that any introduction of this technology with its potentially unsightly antennae should respect Venice’s unique architectural beauty.

The Venice scheme is called “the Bridge Project” and whilst Bill Thompson and Gareth Mitchell were in town for the launch of the Biennale art festival a couple of weeks ago, they spoke to Michele Prevato and Michele Brunello from Atualamente.

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