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iPod, me, myself July 1, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Apple, Gadgets.

iPodders are now supposedly suffering from that old occupational hazard, ‘iPod thumb’. But that’s not stopping old and new followers from plugging in!

Being of a certain age, you would think I would be the perfect candidate for membership of the iPod generation. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone between the ages of 12 and 30 who does not have one. Yet, like one of those fusty old men who resolutely refuses to get a mobile, for the past six years I have not only resisted the dubious charms of an iPod, I have waged a silent war against them.

People wearing iPods are one of the things I used to hate most about London. The bowed and bobbing head of every other person on the Tube, the tinny crashing from the unmistakable white headphones and the general oblivion to real life, Oh! they are an irritating lot. All for a bit of gadgetry that is nothing more than a try-hard status symbol, eugh!

If that was not bad enough, podders are now supposedly suffering from that old occupational hazard, ‘iPod thumb’, after all that shifting between playlists. Apparently, it is the new tennis elbow. So, when a permanently plugged-in friend recently asked me why I did not have one, I tossed my head haughtily and told her I would rather burn all my shoes than succumb to such a blight upon modern society!

So, what did I do this week? I got an iPod, of course. Call me contrary, but while my latest gadget thrummed away in my handbag, I was greatly thrilled to be reliably informed that Londoners are now in the throes of an Apple backlash.

It seems that not only does the average pod have a shelf life of less than a year, but there is some row over only being able to download songs from Apple’s iTunes ‘non-interoperability’ in muso speak. Now, six years after the iPod launched, it is apparently all about the Creative Zen, the new mp3 player for cool children.

Two days since my latest acquisition and it has become my new baby. I take it everywhere, it makes an awful lot of noise, and being a Nano, it is absolutely tiny. It is also neon pink and a marvellous status symbol. And, I love it.

Actually, the real reason I have not bought one before is that I have just never been cool enough: my music tastes have always been more Smash Hits than NME, New Musical Express. But, because I am so technology-dyslexic, the gripes among proper music lovers about organising playlists are unlikely to affect me.

So, when I am traipsing along the street, I now bob my head to Vanilla Ice/Take That Greatest Hits/Shakira and enjoy my new-found oblivion. I may not be cool, but if all the original podders have moved on, does that not make me retro?

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