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Princes pay tribute to Diana July 2, 2007

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Princes William and Harry mark Diana’s birthday with star-studded show at London’s Wembley on July 1st

Princes William and Harry paid tribute to their “beloved mother” today in a poignant message in the Concert for Diana programme. In a foreword to the official souvenir, the princes wrote: “It is 10 years since our mother died, but her remarkable work and her wonderful gift for touching the lives of so many people, live on. “This concert is our way of remembering her the way we knew her, full of fun and laughter and full of a love of life.
“Today is her birthday. It seemed the perfect day to ask people to come and help celebrate her memory.”

They said they were so grateful to all the artists and the people who bought tickets. William and Harry added: “We know that if our mother was here today she’d be over the moon about how many people have given up their time to remember her, and that she’d be the first up out of her seat and dancing. “Please join us in wishing our beloved mother a very happy birthday.”

It would have been the princess’s 46th birthday today. Diana’s siblings Earl Spencer, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes also penned their memories of the princess in the programme. They wrote: “She was a mother who adored her children above all else. To see them pull off this stunning concert, in celebration of her memory, would have reduced her to tears of joy.”

Elton John took the stage to sing “Your Song” before introducing the princes. One of Diana’s favorite bands, Duran Duran, followed them.

Proceeds from the concert will go to causes Diana supported, including to charities to help victims of land mines and AIDS. William calls the event a chance for people to “remember all the good things” about his mother. Today would have been Diana’s 46th birthday.

The concert mixed rock, pop, hip hop and classical ballet and featured some of Diana’s favorite acts including Duran Duran and Tom Jones. In honor of her love of dance and theater, there was a performance of an extract from “Swan Lake” by the English National Ballet and songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Among the 24 performances were songs by Rod Stewart, Kanye West, Joss Stone, Lily Allen and Sean “Diddy” Combs, who performed an emotive rendition of “Missing You”, a cover of The Police’s 1983 “Every Breath You Take.”

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Words full of Wisdom July 2, 2007

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“Gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves practically nothing unsaid”

Walter Winchell

The Royal seats July 2, 2007

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In London last week, Dallas art collectors Cindy and Howard Rachofsky got prime seating at the 44th birthday party for singer George Michael.

Cindy found herself seated next to Crown Prince Pavlos, son of Greece’s former King Constantine II. Also at the table was Pavlos’ wife, American billion-heir Princess Marie-Chantal, nee Miller, and supermodel Elle Macpherson.

Once and future Spice Girl Geri Halliwell attracted the most stares with her barely there black dress that left nothing to the imagination.

Traditional healer treats patients with nude dance July 2, 2007

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A Malaysian newspaper says a traditional folk healer who dances in the nude while treating her patients has upset some people in the conservative, mainly Muslim country.

Mokhtar Mohamad Noor, 53, a teacher who wanted his sick wife to be cured, says the healer gave his wife a drink and spoke an incantation before she and some male followers in their 20s and 30s started dancing in the nude, the Star newspaper reports.

“She kept muttering unintelligible incantations which sounded like the singing of Koranic verses,” Mr Mokhtar said, adding the woman sat under a yellow umbrella and the dance continued before he left with his wife, tired of the group’s antics.

The bomoh, or shaman, whom some superstitious Malaysians believe can call on spirits to assist in curative rituals, is based in the city of Kota Baru, Kelantan state.

“I want the state Religious Affairs Department to take stern action against the bomoh whose healing practice is against Islamic teachings,” the Star quoted a neighbour, Fuzi Nor, as saying.

Fake rent boy ‘Leroy’ fronts court July 2, 2007

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A best-selling novelist who pretended she was a 19-year-old male prostitute has sought to defend herself in court against claims she defrauded a film company that bought the rights to her book.

Sarah, about a transgender boy who works alongside his mother as a truck-stop prostitute, was published in 2000 under the name JT Leroy, who was described as a teenage male prostitute. But it was actually written by Brooklyn mother Laura Albert, who is now 41 and lives in San Francisco.

Antidote International Films says it bought the rights to adapt Sarah as a movie, in part because of the unique life story of its author. Its lawyers said in the US District Court in Manhattan that Albert had constructed elaborate ruses to mislead people about her identity. The company claims it was falsely induced into the movie contract and is seeking to recover $130,000.

The jury has been played a radio interview done by telephone to publicise the book, in which Albert pretended she was Leroy, speaking in a West Virginia accent. When Leroy needed to appear for a reading or a photo shoot, Savannah Knoop, the half-sister of Albert’s boyfriend, donned a blond wig and played the part. Albert said in court she did not mean to trick anyone and had assumed the identity of Leroy to help cope with painful episodes of abuse in her own life.

Addressing a packed courtroom and breaking down repeatedly on the witness stand, Albert described a New York City upbringing in which she was sexually abused by her mother’s boyfriends, teased mercilessly about her weight and eventually given up by her parents and sent to a home for troubled girls.

Bloomsbury Books, the novel’s publisher, has said it did not know JT Leroy was not real. The book was well reviewed and sold briskly in the US and Britain. While authors have written under pen names for centuries, Albert’s efforts to make Leroy seem real, including enlisting someone to impersonate him, were far more elaborate.

Albert repeatedly denied that Leroy was made up but the truth came out in 2006 in a New York Times article.