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Weightlifter caught with father’s urine in condom July 2, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Odd World, Sports.

A Romanian weightlifter has been banned for two years after trying to fake a drug test by using urine supplied by his father and carried in a condom.

Victor Alexandru Pretoi turned up at an out-of-competition control with the intention of using his father’s urine in place of his own to try and trick testers, a spokesman for the Romanian anti-drug agency (ANAD) said on Wednesday.

With their suspicions raised by Pretoi’s jumpy behaviour testers carried out a search and uncovered the attempted bid to foil the control.

“Victor Alexandra Pretoi, a weightlifter from the Steau club, turned up for an out-of-competition control with a condom filled with urine from his father and held in his left palm with the knowledge of his manager,” the ANAD spokesman confirmed.

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