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‘Perv’ mates settle with Aussie newspaper July 7, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Odd World.

Friends of an Australian prosecutor charged with child pornography settled a lawsuit against a newspaper that had plastered their names on the front page.

The 16 plaintiffs were among 59 people who had sent private letters to prosecutors attesting to the character of defendant Patrick Power, but awoke one morning to a headline in The Daily Telegraph that read: “Pervert and his 59 Mates.” The Sydney Morning Herald recounted Friday that the story was followed up in The Sunday Telegraph with pictures and samples of some of the readers’ stinging comments.

“The blog comments were appalling,” noted one of the plaintiffs, a former Supreme Court judge.

The plaintiffs, who settled for a reported $30,000 each, included legal-community colleagues, a prominent architect and Tim Pethick, the founder of Nudie Juice and the husband of an executive at the newspaper.

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