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Dead camel found on the roadside … in Sweden July 12, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Odd World.

Motorists in Sweden are accustomed to seeing elks along the roadside, but the discovery of a dead camel on the shoulder of the E22 autoroute left more than a few eyebrows raised, media reported Monday.

Police got the call during the night between Sunday and Monday and found the visibly injured animal dead by the roadside outside the southern Swedish town of Karlskrona.

“We believe that it was being transported on a trailer, and that it fell out and was dragged behind the vehicle on the roadway. When it became clear that the camel had fallen out it was probably just dumped” on the roadside,” police officer Lars Lindwall said.

Police were seeking the owner of the camel and a police complaint for cruelty to animals has been filed.

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