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Why do women fall for bad boys? July 18, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Lifestyle, Pop Culture.

Women say that they want honesty and tenderness and then they fall for the exact opposite. Why do women find bad boys so irresistible?

Women always claim that they want an honest, good, gentle man who will appreciate, love, pamper them, look after them, open doors for them, and then an arrogant, muscular, vain character passes by and they are intoxicated, stunned, done for. Why is this so? Why do women find bad boys so irresistible?  

Who are these bad boys? > Bad boys are primarily arrogant men, full of themselves, insensitive to women’s needs, who do what they want and when they want it – regardless of what “she” may think about it, they strut their virility and sexuality and often use women just for sex.   

Bad boys are the embodiment of all bad traits, especially those required to have a quality relationship, and women still go crazy over them and do it with full awareness.         

What do women say? > Psychologists discussed the topic with many women and they listed several of the most frequent explanations given by the women themselves when asked why they were falling for these “baddies.”  

  • 1. Things are never boring with them. They are unpredictable and exciting.
  • 2. They are strong, aggressive and sure of themselves, they make me feel protected.
  • 3. They are so charming and passionate.
  • 4. They are so manly.     

Psychological explanation > Some experts have explained the phenomenon of women falling for bad boys by saying the following. When a woman feels good in her own skin, she chooses a partner who is good for her and who communicates well with her, both verbally and non-verbally. She will not allow anyone to underestimate her feeling of satisfaction with herself because she is confident that she deserves a healthy mutual relationship. When she has a bad opinion of herself, a woman will find someone who will perpetuate such a self-image. 

The truth > Bad boys radiate manliness and self-confidence. Women find those characteristics exceptionally attractive. Their self-confidence has nothing to do with their appearance, but with convictions and life attitudes. They are a challenge, unlike the good guys. Most simply put, bad boys are virile, independent, unpredictable, exciting, a little bit aggressive and full of self-confidence and those are the exact characteristics that are mean aphrodisiacs to women.

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