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We read the new “Harry Potter” July 21, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Books.

The last book about the saga of the little wizard is characterised by its easily readable style, and well planned plot.

We have finally come to the end. After ten long years, we finally know how the story, about the little wizard, Harry Potter, a boy who survives, ends.

With the solution to the great mystery about the last sequel of J.K. Rawling’s novels, comes the end of a great literary journey, and the biggest question, will the last novel give the saga a worthy ending, or will it leave a bad taste in your mouth, is finally answered.

J.K. Rawling created a rich and complex world in her works, which has attracted millions of fans throughout the world. The secret to the convincingness of that world lies in the fact that Rawling never underestimated her readers, and offered them two levels in reading the text. Young fans chose their favourite of the three main characters and enjoyed the story full of magical creations, humour and magic. Adults were drawn to the deeper message of the story, the lack of a clear distinction between good and evil, the functionality of her imaginary world, and the fact that wizards, like us, must go to work in the morning.

However, all were drawn to the simple but not shallow style of writing, and the talent which easily connected the complex plot of the novel into a well planned entity.

In the end, it turns out, the unit which connects all the novels until now, and this in not only about the main character, but small details whose relevance is only seen in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. The characters, magic and artefacts which have been played with in the previous books, conditionally said, the role of the deus ex machine, now show their full importance in the plot and give meaning to their appearance in previous books.

The idea is the main characteristic of the last book about Harry Potter, because we finally understand why some things occurred which have been haunting the little wizard for seven years in a row. We finally get an insight into the reason why some characters act the way they do, answers to questions, the whole package.

The only drawback to the seventh Harry Potter lies in its connection to the previous novels. If the reader is not at least vaguely familiar with the plot of the previous six books, they will be totally lost in “Deathly Hallows” and its connection to events that are up to five years old.

The thing which impresses the most in the books by J.K. Rawling is the absence of cheap tricks which attract the attention of the reader. The plot moves along slowly but surely, and the start and end are over 600 pages apart, which connects into a believable and concise story.

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is not a book without imperfections, because it requires a great of “Rawling’s world” in order to understand the context of the rich plot. If you do not remember the plot of the previous books, reach for an “Encyclopaedia Potterica” or you will feel totally lost.

On the other hand, people that do not even know the general storyline have probably not read the first six novels, and we can be envious because they are getting to know the world of the wizards and muggles for the first time. A honest recommendation.

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