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In Pictures > Warning Signs of an Internet Attack July 22, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Internet Safety.

Online crooks are constantly switching tactics in an attempt to invade your PC. Be on guard for these latest sneaky tricks.

Internet Threat Protection Guide > Internet attacks have become a business. And as with any business, the product must be ever-changing in attempting to entice you. But where a slick legit ad campaign might sway you into buying a gadget you don’t really need, these social engineering techniques try to trick you into infecting your computer with malware you surely don’t want. Look through these images of some of the latest tricks from malware pushers and phishers so that you can keep your most important security tool–you–up-to-date. And if you receive any of these messages, be sure not to click any links in them or follow their instructions.

Watch all 9 pictures from MSN/Microsoft by following this link > here

Learn from this simple tutorial and protect yourself!

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