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Rosy Future for Brownfield Sites > II July 24, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Architecture.

oktyabr.jpg  Red October Factory > An ambitious $2.7 billion project to redevelop the Red October chocolate factory and the buildings surrounding it on Bolotny Island, opposite the Kremlin, has made little visible progress since its approval in the summer of 2003. A City Hall committee took over the project from developer KRT last summer, reportedly due to slow progress. The 1.2 million-square-meter development on 40 hectares envisages the construction of a new tourism and recreation zone, with entertainment facilities, elite homes, hotels, stores and offices.

zil.jpg  ZiL Automotive Plant > Land is already being cleared for the Nagatino business center that is to cover about one-tenth of the sprawling ZiL automotive plant site, said Andrei Patrushev, a spokesman for Knight Frank, the agent for the project. “We expect someone from the city government to take part in a groundbreaking ceremony within two months,” he said. About 80 percent of the site, 5 kilometers south of the Kremlin, is to be eventually sold and redeveloped.

ordzhonikidze.jpg  Ordzhonikidze Factory > The Ordzhonikidze machinery factory’s management plans to build a hypermarket with Auchan on a 4.5-hectare plot in the corner of their site near Leninsky Prospekt metro station, according to Sergei Dublyansky, a member of the factory’s board of directors. He would not say when construction was due to begin. Dublyansky said there were no official plans for the rest of the site, approximately 20 hectares. “We want to keep the factory as it is, as we have workers who need to keep working,” he said.

badaevsky.jpg  Badayevsky Brewery > Work has yet to begin on the development of the 14-hectare plot of land behind the Hotel Ukraina, located across the river from the Mosvka-City site. According to the plans, several architecturally significant buildings belonging to the 120-year-old Badayevsky Brewery are to be retained. The 400,000-square-meter residential development is to include office and retail components. Construction has not yet begun and its start date is unclear.

Editor’s Note > This series of articles are from our 2006 archives.

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