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The 360 Vodka launched July 26, 2007

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The vodka in every bottle is distilled four times and filtered five times through a highly energy efficient process, with every bushel of grain being fully utilized and nothing left to waste.

McCormick Distilling Co. and Premier Beverage Co., one of the largest wine and spirits distributors in Florida, announce the Florida launch of 360 Vodka, the world’s first environmentally-friendly vodka. Created out of a philosophy for producing products that will protect Earth’s resources, 360 Vodka applies advanced eco-friendly production and packing processes unprecedented in the spirits industry.

While not organic, 360 Vodka uses traditionally harvested local grain due to its vast potential for long-term environmental sustainability. The vodka in every bottle is distilled four times and filtered five times through a highly energy efficient process, with every bushel of grain being fully utilized and nothing left to waste. The result is vodka with an exceptionally clean and silky-smooth finish.

“We are proud to introduce a 100 percent American vodka produced and distributed in an environmentally friendly manner,” said Bill Sullivan, regional vice president southeast division, McCormick Distilling Co. “We have already begun to receive a fantastic response from retailers and are excited about the contributions 360 Vodka will make in helping to preserve natural resources.”

360 Vodka’s state-of-the-art distillery, recently upgraded to reduce fossil fuel energy usage by 21 percent, meets or exceeds all U.S. EPA air and water quality standards for modern distilleries. Volatile organic compounds that contribute to air pollution (VOCs) have been reduced by 70 percent and sulfur dioxide emissions by 99 percent in the production process. Moreover, fugitive dust particulates have been reduced by 50 percent in a production process that uses up to 250 percent less fossil fuel energy than traditional “pot distilled” products.

The product’s environmental efforts also include an industry-leading 85 percent recycled content glass container (70% post consumer use). All labeling, packaging and promotional materials use 100 percent recycled paper and cardboard along with water-based inks vs. petroleum-based printing inks, while outer shipping boxes consist of 100 percent recycled cardboard and are designed to promote infinite carton use.

In addition, each bottle features a recyclable flip-top closure that can be mailed in for re-use via a postage paid envelope. This helps lessen landfill waste while conserving natural resources used in the production of new closures.

Further delivering on a philosophy of environment responsibility, 360 Vodka and Premier Beverage Co. have pledged to donate $20.00 from the sale of each case of 360 Vodka in Florida to Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Florida, a statewide, nonprofit marine conservation organization working to protect the state’s marine resources.

The partnership commenced July 14 in Hutchinson Island, Fla. at a ceremony where 360 Vodka presented CCA Florida with an advance donation of $30,000 for the first 1500 cases of 360 Vodka to be sold in the Florida. Nationally, a “close the loop” program has been initiated whereby $1.00 for every swing cap returned for re-use will be donated to environmental causes.

“Given the clear commitment to environmental stewardship that 360 Vodka demonstrates, we are very pleased with the opportunity of partnering with this visionary company,” said CCA Florida CEO Rob Hendricks. “By dedicating their business practices to a course that helps protect earth resources, as well as fishery resources, 360 Vodka exemplifies the level of corporate accountability that is greatly needed.”

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