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Some questions for JK Rowling July 29, 2007

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JK Rowling has kept us waiting for a long time. But finally, with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the last in her popular series, there should be some answers to many questions. Here, in no particular order, are some threads that readers, OK, this reader, would love to see tied up >

Just who is R.A.B.? Fans already have put forth the theory that R.A.B. is Sirius Black’s brother Regulus, who is thought to be dead. Is he? Or could he have been in hiding all this time?

What happened to that Horcrux? And is the Horcrux that strange, unopenable locket Harry and friends found at 12 Grimmauld Place in Book 5, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix? If so, will there be some connection to Mundungus Fletcher, who apparently has been stealing stuff from the house?

What role will Dumbledore play? Yes, yes, we know that Dumbledore is dead. And Rowling has said she means really dead, no unexpected returns a la Gandalf here. But does that mean he’s out for the count? The dead have made their presence felt in the other books, so what does that mean for Dumbledore?

What is the deal with Snape? Good guy? Bad guy? Good guy playing bad guy? Was a good guy but returned to Voldemort’s side? Never really left Voldemort’s side? What?

What’s up with Aunt Petunia? Harry’s non-magical aunt, a Muggle, has always been mean to him, and ashamed of her magical sister, Harry’s mom, but understands more than she has ever let on about the danger Voldemort represents. Rowling has hinted she has a role to play in the last book. What will it be?

Who is going to die? Rowling has said she killed off two major characters. Who will they be?


It’s raining men! July 29, 2007

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Jake Gyllenhaal is voted the hottest but five Canadians also made the list. Five Canadians among Hot 100 > Gay men picked their favourites

hot100_reynolds.jpg  Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds, pictured here in “The Amityville Horror,” is one of the top 10 on AfterElton.com’s Hot 100 List.

Jake Gyllenhaal was voted the hottest celebrity male by readers of a gay website but five Canadians also made the list.

Vancouver’s Ryan Reynolds placed No. 6 on the list, compiled by AfterElton.com. The 30-year-old actor trailed behind Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Gale Harold and Taye Diggs.

Click here to see who’s on the list.

Reynolds, who was once engaged to Ottawa-born singer Alanis Morissette, plays a gay character in his next film, The Nines. “(He) won our hearts when he started the himbo’ craze by taking it off for Blade: Trinity and The Amityville Horror,” the website declares, “giving us guys a reason to go to horror movies again.”

Coming in at No. 24 is Ryan Gosling, who was born in London, Ontario. The 26-year-old had an on-again, off-again relationship with actress Rachel McAdams, who was also born in London.

Keanu Reeves, who was born in Beirut but raised in Toronto, made the list at No. 62.

Transamerica star Kevin Zegers, 22, ranked No. 70, followed by Montreal-born diver Alexandre Despatie at No. 73.

People magazine’s choices for Sexiest Man Alive didn’t fare so well on the Hot 100 List. George Clooney came in at No. 92, Brad Pitt was ranked No. 12 and Matthew McConaughey made it to the No. 38 spot. Tom Cruise not only didn’t make the list he didn’t earn a single vote

Only 15 of the men on the list are openly gay but of the 83 actors, 49 have played gay characters.

“The list also includes men who are thought by many to be gay, but who are not publicly out,” the website’s editors explained.

Among the openly gay stars who made the cut are TR Knight (No. 8), John Barrowman (No. 10), Chad Allen (No. 31), and Neil Patrick Harris (No. 52).

CNN host Anderson Cooper, who ranked No. 32, told the website he was flattered to be on the list. “Clearly, they have not seen my pale skinny chicken legs. It’s nice to know there is a market for pale, skinny, grey-haired people.”