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Sex-mad Scot saves the day September 10, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Odd World.
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A sex mad Scottish koala bear is in demand after an experiment in which he was asked to show an Austrian bear the facts of life.

Managers at Vienna’s Schoenbrunn zoo had despaired their own male koala would ever get to grips with the bear necessities. But five-year-old Chumbee, on loan from Edinburgh zoo, has succeeded where romantic music, erotic koala movies and aphrodisiac foods had all failed.

Zoo manager Helmut Pechlaner said: “Chumbee hasn’t stopped since he got here, it has been almost non stop sex in the koala enclosure ever since, and now even our own male is joining in. “We are confident we will soon be seeing the padding of tiny koala paws.”

And zoo veterinarian Hanna Vielgrader added: “The only break is to eat or sleep, other than that there’s no stopping them. “The heat has probably helped but we doubt it would make much difference whatever temperature it was for the Scottish koala. Chumbee can’t restrain himself at all.”

The zoo is expecting a baby koala will be born sometime next year, and in the meantime said several other zoos wanted to loan Chumbee to invigorate their own koala colonies.