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Men put off by advertisers’ macho images September 15, 2007

Posted by grhomeboy in Advertising, MetroSexual.

marlboro_man.jpg  Marlboro man and other macho adverts are putting off modern “metrosexual” men from buying their products, new research has found.

Sensitive men are turned off by promotions using square-jawed hunks and prefer those featuring more “feminine looking” male models like David Beckham, the Bath University study revealed.

Firms could therefore be alienating millions of consumers by continuing to use muscular, rugged “tough men” for their adverts, especially in the booming market for male grooming products.

“Advertisers should take note of this research because it shows that many ads could be ineffective,” said Professor Brett Martin, who led the research. “Not because of the product, but because the model chosen and the suggested positioning of the brand, may not match the preferences of the male consumer.”

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