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EU to tackle Internet child pornography March 1, 2008

Posted by grhomeboy in Internet Safety.

The European Union’s executive body, the European Commission, has unveiled a new ‘Safer Internet’ program to tackle online child pornography.

The EU will spend a total of 55 million euros ($$83 million) between 2009 and 2013 on the program, which is aimed at both online child pornography and the protection of children using the Internet.

The program aims to create “a safer online environment for our children by promoting self-regulatory initiatives and greater awareness in society,” said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. Barroso said: “Where there is illegal content online, rapid and determined action by public authorities will be ensured by strengthened reporting systems.”

The four major goals of ‘Safer Internet’ are reducing illegal content and harmful content online, promoting a safer generally online environment, raising public awareness of the issue, and increasing knowledge of the use of new technology by children.

The program also intends to create “national contact points for reporting illegal content and digital bullying, but focusing on pornographic material,” the EUobserver Web site said.

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