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New Releases > dvd, movies March 10, 2008

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Here’s our look at the more interesting titles released on DVD in the US and UK over the past few months. Some may be available to rent from local video clubs, or you can always order over the Internet: dozens of suppliers, but http://www.amazon.com (for US) and http://www.play.com (for UK) are among the most reliable, if not necessarily the cheapest. Prices quoted don’t include shipping. Note that US discs are ‘Region 1’, and require a multi-region player.


MR. BROOKS: Quirkiest thriller of 2007, with a cast of veterans including Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and William Hurt; extras include the usual featurettes, deleted scenes and commentary. [US]

THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK: Powerful, uncompromising documentary on Darfur, extras including a ‘How You Can Help’ feature. [US]

NO END IN SIGHT: Another must-see documentary, this one on the Bush Administration’s incompetence in Iraq in the months following the invasion. Sounds dull but it’s actually fascinating, bringing out the tale of a golden opportunity stupidly missed. [US]


MONTY PYTHON’S LIFE OF BRIAN (1979) (The Immaculate Edition): Not the first time on DVD for hilarious religious satire, but probably the best edition: 2-disc package includes one-hour documentary ‘The Story of Brian’ with contributions from all surviving Pythons, 13 minutes of deleted scenes, and funny radio ads for the film. “He’s NOT the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!” [UK]

ZULU (1966): Another crowd-pleasing classic, another lavish 2-disc package: features include film-historian commentary and featurettes with titles like ‘Zulu: Remembering an Epic’. [UK]

LEADING LADIES COLLECTION, VOL. 2: Slightly random collection of 5 good movies, ‘linked’ by having famous leading ladies. Films range from Diane Keaton in the coruscating divorce drama ‘Shoot the Moon’ (1982) to Susan Hayward in weepie ‘I’ll Cry Tomorrow’ (1955) and Jacqueline Bisset with Candice Bergen in ‘Rich and Famous’ (1981). Also high-school drama ‘Up the Down Staircase’ (1967) and poker-related Western ‘A Big Hand for the Little Lady’ (1966). All excellent, though they don’t really fit together. [US]

UNDER THE VOLCANO (1984): Malcolm Lowry’s magnificent novel in brave (if inadequate) film version, starring Albert Finney as the alcoholic Consul. Excellent package from the Criterion Collection includes various commentaries plus a 99-minute documentary on Lowry’s colourful (and tragic) life. [US]

OUR HITLER: A FILM FROM GERMANY (1977): A huge highbrow fave, Hans-Jurgen Syberberg’s unique, experimental, 7-hour fantasia on the Fuhrer – divided into 22 tableaux – is the kind of famous rarity DVD was invented for. $80 from Amazon, plus shipping. [US]

BURT LANCASTER – THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION: We’d never complain about Lancaster, but this 5-film collection is mostly second-division: highlights include athletic swashbuckler ‘The Flame and the Arrow’ (1950) and surprisingly sharp conspiracy thriller ‘Executive Action’ (1973). [US]

BARBARA STANWYCK – THE SIGNATURE COLLECTION: Another great star, another so-so collection (to be fair, most of Stanwyck’s top films are already on DVD). Pleasant surprises include light-hearted Western ‘Annie Oakley’ (1935) and superb B-thriller ‘Jeopardy’ (1953). Lots of cool extras, including vintage shorts and cartoons. [US]

THE TWO RONNIES: THE CHRISTMAS SPECIALS: Remember this? Four Christmas shows from the comedy duo, made between 1973 and 1987. [UK]

ROOTS (1977) (30th Anniversary Edition): Kunta Kinte! [UK]

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