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If Very Lazy is good enough for Delia March 19, 2008

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It’s not only us mere mortals who know we are onto a good thing with a jar of Very Lazy in the kitchen cupboard. Saint Delia herself also uses them, and is proud to say so.

19-03-08_very_lazy.jpg  In fact, Delia Smith has declared both The English Provender Company’s Very Lazy Ginger and Very Lazy Caramelised Red Onions an official “cheat’s ingredient” in her new book and accompanying TV series How to Cheat at Cooking.

The English Provender Company’s Very Lazy range has cleverly already done the hard work – the peeling, chopping and crushing. So all you have to do is add a spoonful of real ginger or a scoop of deliciously sticky caramelised red onions when you need a meal in a hurry. That way you get all the flavour with none of the fiddle. And you’ll be pleased to know the range includes Very Lazy Garlic and Chillies.

Use Very Lazy Caramelised Red Onions to >

  • Whip up an almost instant French onion soup
  • Make silky onion gravy in the time it takes to grill the sausages
  • Spread over tartlets before topping with goats cheese

Use Very Lazy Ginger to >

  • Pep up a Chinese stir fry
  • Add a kick to steamed or oven baked fish
  • Make a citrusy marinade

Very Lazy range available in major supermarkets. Visit www.Englishprovender.com for full product range and more recipe ideas.

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