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Desparate man auctions his life on eBay March 25, 2008

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A Briton who emigrated to Australia is so fed up after a failed marriage that he has put his entire life up for sale on eBay.

Ian Usher, 44, is selling his three-bedroom home, car, and job and all of his possessions. Bids will start at just one Australian dollar, but Mr Usher is hoping to pocket £230,000 after the seven day auction in June.

Mr Usher, who emigrated from Scarborough six years ago and became an Australian citizen in 2006, split from his wife Laura last year after five years of marriage. He said: “My life here is absolutely fantastic, but I just want to make a clean break and start again literally, so I am selling everything lock, stock and barrel, from the contents of my wardrobe to my kettle, and from my cutlery to my car.”

“My aim is to walk away at the end of the eBay auction with my wallet in one pocket and my passport in the other, go to the airport and just jump on the first available plane to anywhere. My tale is a bit of a sad one, but I am not trying to sell anyone a sob story. I appreciate that many people have had to cope with much more than I have and have had much more sadness in their lives. This is just my way of dealing with what has happened to me.”

Mr Usher, whose open-plan house is a 30-minute train ride from Perth city centre, is also selling off his 140mph Kawasaki motorcycle, jet ski, surf boards, sky-diving kit, spa and 6ft television screen.

The successful bidder will also be given access to Mr Usher’s friends and a two week trial for his job at a Perth rug store with a view to a permanent job.

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