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Russian fat generals told to shape up April 14, 2008

Posted by grhomeboy in Army Life.

The Russian army has launched a fitness regime to help generals lose weight and squeeze into a new designer uniform.

A third of the army’s elite officers are overweight and 25% failed a fitness test, defence ministry spokesman Vyacheslav Sedov said. The army will now launch a fitness drive as it prepares to move over to a stylish uniform designed by Valentin Yudashkin, reports the Daily Telegraph. The uniforms move away from the functional styles of the former Red Army to a more svelte, fitted look.

“The new military uniform should match what is inside it,” said Mr Sedov. The army will build gyms, swimming pools and sports halls to get the officers back in shape, he added. A campaign will also be launched “to cultivate the culture of sport in the armed forces”, said Mr Sedov.

The fitness tests were organised by Lt-Gen Vladimir Shamanov, who was decorated as a Hero of the Russian Federation for his service in Chechnya. Lt-Gen Shamanov said that the unfit officers need more physical exercises, particularly aerobic exercises. Officers are to be tested on their running, swimming and shooting skills.

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