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Carla Bruni completely naked April 19, 2008

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife appeared completely naked on the walls of a museum.

  Attractive and naked Carla Bruni was immortalised by Michel Comte 15 years ago.

Carla Bruni appeared completely naked at Christie’s auction company in New York. The photographs of naked Bruni were taken by Michel Comte in 1993, when she was still a model. Christie’s expects to sell the portrait of the First Lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, completely naked, at a price between 3,000 and 4,000 American dollars.

The French President has been in the shade ever since he married beautiful Carla because whatever he does, Carla’s appearance takes the attention away from him. During their visit in England, there were rumours that Carla would appear naked on the walls of a Museum.

Marilyn Monroe’s Porno Video April 19, 2008

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 In the recording you can clearly see the face of the sexy actress, who takes her cloths off and has a sexual intercourse with a man.

Famous actress Marilyn Monroe’s porno video is spreading on the internet, however many have doubts on its authenticity. Explicit scenes are cut out, but the video shows the sexy actress taking her clothes off and throwing them on a man who hides his face from the camera. A short part of the sexual intercourse is shown, but only with Marilyn in close-up. After the surprising scenes, she smiles and lights a cigarette.

The original recording allegedly has been in possession of the FBI, since former director Edgar Hoover suspected that one of the men from the video was one of the Kennedy brothers. The millionaire who recently bought the recording, said through his agent that he will not make the video public nor will he sell it out of respect for the actress.

Uncut > Sex Icon > Marilyn Monroe’s Porno Video > Famous actress Marilyn Monroe’s porno video is spreading on the internet, but many have doubts on the authenticity of the recording, which was allegedly recorded sixty years ago.

Spaniards and Cypriots to drink Bulgarian “Boliyarka” Beer April 19, 2008

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  Bulgarian beer “Boliyarka” company starts to export beer for Spain and Cyprus.

The abroad sales are planned to reach capacity of 70 to 100 thousands hectoliters beer. Thanks to the six new cylindrical containers for fermentation of the beer the sales are expected to increase with 5-10% and the export to Romania to double.

The brewery’s director shared the factory intends to launch for sаlе new sort of beer own production, which will be of new class and will be bottled in 330 and 500 ml bottles. Other renewal of “Boliyarka” company is the beer with transparent self-sticking label.

The factory invested 1 million EUR in the new technology “Clear label” which brought it an award from the Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski and the big award of Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce “Ikar” statue.

A new coffee war brews between Starbucks and McDonalds April 19, 2008

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McDonalds Web site pokes fun at Starbucks snobbery > According to US media the “Golden Arches” Starbucks’ newest nemesis, have a fresh tactic in their battle for America’s coffee dollars. If you can not outsell Starbucks, how about just giving it away.

McDonald’s latest campaign is Free lattes on Friday mornings in Seattle, Starbucks hometown. “It’s quite comparable to Starbucks,” one tester said. There is nothing subtle about this battle of the brews. Aside from the free coffee, McDonalds has launched a website essentially poking fun of Starbucks.

The website address “unsnobbycoffee.com” does not leave much to the imagination. The site is devoted to making Starbucks look snooty and overpriced. “Well, there’s always a catch with something that’s free. But it was okay. I don’t think it’s any better than Starbucks,” said another tester.

Starbucks has a public relations offensive of its own. They recently shut down every store in the country to re-train baristas, and of course get lots of press coverage. “So, we’re hoping that our baristas will walk away with a renewed focus on our standards, and appreciation for all the work that goes into our coffee,” Starbuck manager Ann-Marie Kurtz said.

Starbucks is not backing down, but McDonald’s is not exactly easing up. If it takes giving the stuff away to take over the coffee throne, they are apparently willing to do it, at least for the next few weeks.

London’s Kew Gardens to open botanical art gallery April 19, 2008

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London’s Kew Gardens is to open the world’s first gallery dedicated to botanical art works, some of which have never been seen by the public according to a recent BBC report.

The £3m attraction will exhibit art from the collections of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and from collector Dr Shirley Sherwood. Kew has a vast collection of more than 200,000 art works. Some of the illustrations of extinct species are thought to be the only surviving record.

The Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art at Kew Gardens launches on Saturday and will be open to the public all year round.

A spokeswoman for the gallery said: “Until now, although the collection has been consulted by experts and researchers, most of the works have been kept in study collections behind the scenes. “The new gallery will provide the right environment and will make Kew’s collections more accessible. With one quarter of the world’s species of flowering plants threatened by extinction in the next 50 years, Kew has a vital role to play to inspire and deliver science-based plant conservation. “

Dr Sherwood has been collecting contemporary botanical art since 1990. Her collection includes work by more than 200 artists living in 30 different countries.

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