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Gay Serbs find glimmer of hope in Eurovision Song Contest May 21, 2008

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Annual song competition this week in Belgrade > Twelve points? This year’s Eurovision final takes place in Belgrade this Saturday. Serbia’s gay community feels the event is a chance to express itself.

The last time gay men and women took to the streets of Serbia’s capital, they were beaten by nationalist gangs while police looked on.

Seven years after their first and only Pride march, activists now see the glitz, media attention and gay tourists coming to Serbia with the Eurovision Song Contest as a big chance to come out again, louder and more confident than before.

“There are no gay celebrities in Serbia, nobody’s out,” said Predrag Azdejkovic, one of a handful of openly gay Serbs. “Eurovision is so gay, so camp, it’ll be a shock to the system.” “Yes, maybe it reinforces stereotypes, so people think all gay men are effeminate and all lesbians drive trucks. I have no problem with that. All visibility is good and we must use it.”

Homosexuality is a taboo subject across the Balkans’ largely conservative and patriarchal societies, where many people view it as a treatable mental illness. Boban Stojanovic, who runs the gay rights group Queeria with Azdejkovic, said homophobia in Serbia stems from an obsession with national identity in the 1990s, a notion of aggressive masculinity created by and for the Yugoslav wars, and the increased influence of the Orthodox Church.

“Before 1990 the gay scene was more free. Although formally illegal, homosexuality was tolerated because the social climate was more liberal,” Stojanovic said. “But when Yugoslavia started breaking up, there was a rush in all the republics to define a very clear national identity. Today, to be a Serb means to be Orthodox and heterosexual. Being Serb and gay is seen as incompatible. The macho warrior culture of the 1990s is the root of Serbia’s homophobia today.”

Eurovision’s mix of high camp and low culture attracts millions of viewers and a loyal gay following. The 2008 event is held in Serbia after Marija Serifovic won last year’s contest with the ballad “Molitva” and a daringly lesbian chic-tinged act. The nuance was lost on far-right groups who declared open season on gay visitors.

“We are waiting for them,” the Obraz group said, adding it would patrol Belgrade’s streets and show “zero tolerance to the promotion and spread of evil” and use “all means to stop it.” Authorities initially pondered having policemen escorting gay visitors, then opted for increased security across the city for the week of semifinals and up to Saturday’s final. The attention meant the time was ripe for the first campaign in years, Stojanovic said. Discreet posters featuring same-sex couples called for “Love on the streets, hooligans in prison.” They survived several days on the streets of Belgrade before being torn down or defaced.

“With all this repression there is huge pressure to be invisible,” Stojanovic said. “We don’t agree. First we must be visible to the majority and then we can start to communicate.” Azdejkovic and Stojanovic say the influx of color and fun that comes with Eurovision will be a much-needed challenge to Serbia. An international pariah in the 1990s for its role in the wars, it still has a love-hate relationship with the West.

The two men don’t expect any violence because the flipside of nationalism is “an obsession with being a great host.” ”The government wants to project a great image of Serbia and make this the best Eurovision ever,” Azdejkovic said, adding that there was pressure on police to contain extremists. “We can only ask our government: Please, if you are going to protect gay foreigners, also protect gay Serbs. The foreigners will be here for a week and then leave, but they’ll have a freedom we can only dream of.”

Listen and get this music album for free > May 18, 2008

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We have received the following email from Jack Rubinacci and we are happy to share it with you. Here’s what Jack had to say to us >

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Underwear and clothing to watch for > Disco Valante May 18, 2008

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We are happy and smiling today, simply because we came upon one of a much-promising clothing designing firms.

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Francis Bacon auctioned painting sets new record May 15, 2008

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Triptych had been in private hands since it was bought at auction in 1977 > A Francis Bacon masterpiece has broken the artist’s record at auction after selling for $86.3m (£43m) in New York.

The sale of Triptych (1976) beat the previous record of £27m paid for Study For Innocent X. The piece was sold at Sotheby’s by a private collector from Europe who had owned the work since it was first exhibited in Paris in 1977. Bacon used Ancient Greek legends as inspiration for the painting, which depicts disfigured human faces.

Alex Branczik, Sotheby’s London deputy director for contemporary art, described the work as a “totemic triptych”. “It created an overnight sensation when it was first exhibited in Paris in 1976,” he said. “It showed Bacon working in a new way. It is a watershed painting which sees him moving beyond personal grief on to a more universal scale. Bacon was heavily influenced by Greek tragedies where personal stories relate to grander, universal issues. He saw the large format triptych as the greatest vehicle for artistic vision and this work sees Bacon achieve a new level of complexity.”

Irish-born Bacon, one of the most prominent contemporary artists of his era, died from a heart attack in Madrid in 1992.

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Madonna’s gig upset May 13, 2008

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So Madonna hit the stage for Radio 1’s big weekend on Saturday.

And true to form, she wasn’t your average wallflower. In fact, she managed to stir up a bit of controversy. First off, Madge offended peeps by using the f-word twice during a broadcast of her singing stint, which went out live on BBC3.

The singer, wearing a titalicious top, introduced her song Hung Up by telling the crowd: “You guys are going to have to start f***king it up out there ‘cos I need to feel some love. I’m going to do an old song. But not too old. F*** the present. Let’s live in the past.”

This lil’ bit of excitement apparently prompted a bevy of viewer complaints, not forgetting the BBC have been warned before for allowing Madge to swear live at last year’s Live Earth gig. Meanwhile, backstage there was also a bit of a drama, as Madge and her entourage ruffled the feathers of rock band The Fratellis.

“Who does Madonna think she is?” Jon Fratelli ranted to the 3am Girls from the Daily Mirror, after she and her 70-strong crew reportedly held up rehearsals and hogged some of the food and drink backstage. “I’m not into all this,” he continued. “We’re all here to perform together. What happened to rock ‘n’ roll? Why is she (Madonna) even here?” he continued.

Oops. Sounds like Madge might have to mind her manners with her fellow musicians from now on. And her language as well, for that matter.