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Listen and get this music album for free > May 18, 2008

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We have received the following email from Jack Rubinacci and we are happy to share it with you. Here’s what Jack had to say to us >

“As you may be aware, the music industry in trying to find its place in the completely new landscape of downloads and digital distribution. I’ve just finished making my debut album, and I’ve been getting a lot of press in my country (Norway) because of the way we are distributing it. Despite it being one of the most expensive debut albums made in recent history, we are giving it away for absolutely free, as a HQ Mp3 download.

I am the first artist in the world to give away a big budget debut album as a free download. But I believe that this is the way the music industry is going; Free music, better merchandise and unique membership packages. I’m trying to make people on the internet aware of the new way we have approached the music industry. So I’m reaching out to bloggers for their help.

We have created alternative and unique ways to make money. We are giving away the music , but have introduced a very unique membership package and have spent 5 months creating special merchandise, by asking 4 separate artists to create their own visual interpretations of my lyrics. If you have time come over and take a look at what we’ve done… download the album, it takes 2 minutes as we have our own dedicated server.

I worked with two of the biggest record producers in the world; Tchad Blake and Ian Grimble (Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, Pearl Jam, Travis, Texas, Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Suzanne Vega) We recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio and at Abbey Road Studio london. 

Download the entire debut album for FREE > www.jackrubinacci.com Or listen > http://www.myspace.com/jackrubinaccimusic

Described by Ian Grimble, producer of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Travis, and Kt Tunstall as “Undiscovered diamond”, and by Nigel Gray, producer of the first three albums by The Police, as “The most exciting new singer songwriter I’ve heard in years” after three years in the making, Jack Rubinacci finally releases his debut album. Produced by Tchad Blake and Ian Grimble, (Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow and Pearl Jam) and recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio and Abbey Road Studio in London, these 11 songs showcase Jack’s unique song writing talent and remarkable voice.

Already identified as one of the most promising new artists in his home country of Norway, where his first single “She Makes Me Feel” was play listed by virtually every radio station in the country, he is now reaching out to the wider public via the internet. Despite being one of the most expensive debut albums in recent history, in line with the new developments in the music industry, this album is now available for absolutely free, as a high quality Mp3 download, off Jack’s official website www.jackrubinacci.com No tricks. No spam. Just the music.

Jack’s album is available for free, simply because we recognize the possibilities the internet offers in introducing Jack and his music to a large audience. Instead of running from the “download problem”, we are embracing it as a huge possibility for new people to discover Jack’s songs. The album is available for FREE here www.jackrubinacci.com or listen http://www.myspace.com/jackrubinaccimusic

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