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Letter from the Editor January 29, 2008

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Dear Readers,


For the last 3 months this blog has been sitting idle. There were no updates, no articles, no news. Much to my regret, and due to serious health reasons, this blog has not been updated. I am sorry for not being able to communicate with you during my absence.

Now that I have fully recovered, I am looking forward to keep writing this blog. I am confident of your kind understanding and thank you very much.



NEW > Translation of our articles or pages September 27, 2007

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We are pleased to announce that as from today, we are providing you with a NEW feature > to translate our English language articles or whole pages, within seconds, using the FREE service of Automatic Translation provided by Google.

Just go to our LINKS category and use it (right click to open link in a new window or in a new tab).

If any questions, please read Google’s FAQ > http://www.google.com/intl/en/help/faq_translation.html

We trust that you will find it very easy as well as usefull for you to use!

End of the year > some statistics December 31, 2006

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According to Technorati these are our blogs >
grhomeboy’s blogs

Christmas Spirit Rank: 43,575 (101 links from 75 blogs)

το τετράδιο μου Rank: 1,145,029 (4 links from 3 blogs)

a web (not paper) magazine Rank: 130,458 (41 links from 27 blogs)

HomeboyMediaNews Rank: 725,400 (28 links from 5 blogs)

HomeboyMediaNews Rank: 45,370 (126 links from 72 blogs)

Thank you to all our valued readers for making us their friends-in-knowledge! Happy New Year 2007 to everyone!

Welcome to a New Era! May 5, 2006

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Welcome to a New Era!

HomeboyNet makes its “debut” here on wordpress for the first time.

It emigrated from another blog. Namely blogger. Therefore, although our posts are dated since May 2006 the date that actually HMN (short for HomeboyNet) evolved on wordpress is July 10, 2006 (just for the sake of saving a date for our birthday anniversaries!).

Maybe, during the importation of our posts from one blog to the other, some might have been missed. Never mind! If we can locate them and import them as single posts, we shall do so. If not, then smile, be happy and think of “Lost In Translation”, yes. that movie! Life is a movie afterall don’t you think so?!

We have named this current blog “a web (not paper) magazine”. We aim to present and keep – as a general rule – but rules do have excemptions too – our posts as short as possible. Quality wise and not quantity wise.

You can still, if you wish, to visit our original blog at blogger. Its name there is HomeboyMediaNews. A link is provided at our Links related page.

And who is HomeboyNet you may ask? Huh? The answer is a simple one. HMN is of Greek origin but considers itself as a global citizen. HMN likes living and well being. HMN strikes for new trends. HMN loves life and hopefuly life loves HMN.

HMN will be providing news about life. Life with a capital L. Another elitistic (how sic!) lifestyle media blog? Well, yes!

HMN intends finding things in the intersection of design, culture and technology that excite the imagination and inspire creativity. HMN intends to cover issues related to daily life, style, food, travel, culture, society, architecture and other cool stuff.

HMN intends to show you new trends for your life!

HMN intends to keep pace ahead of others!

Welcome to a New (Life) Era!


This post has been updated on July 10/11, 2006, changes and update is marked in bold. Thanks for reading!