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Student flashes Taj Mahal on YouTube April 14, 2008

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A Dutch student has provoked an international incident by posting on YouTube a clip of him flashing his penis at the Taj Mahal.

The director of his school, the Euro College in Rotterdam, has formally apologised to the Indian Ambassador to Holland. And the school is also considering legal action against the student for damaging their proud reputation, reports GVA.

The young man is seen on the clip giggling as he takes his penis out of his trousers. The camera then pans around to show the famous backdrop.

The student was suspended immediately when teachers found out about the incident which happened during a school trip to India.


YouTube U? Learning from clips of skateboarding dogs September 22, 2007

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Here’s a dream-come-true for Web addicts > college credit for watching YouTube.

California’s Pitzer College this fall began offering what may be the first course about the video-sharing site. About 35 students meet in a classroom but work mostly online, where they view content and post comments. Class lessons also are posted and students are encouraged to post videos. One class member, for instance, posted a video of himself juggling.

Alexandra Juhasz, a media studies professor at the liberal arts college, said she was “underwhelmed” by the content on YouTube but set up the course, “Learning from YouTube,” to explore the role of the popular site.

Class members control most of the class content and YouTube watchers from around the world are encouraged to comment, Juhasz said. She hopes the course will raise serious issues about YouTube, such as the role of “corporate-sponsored democratic media expression.”

YouTube is “a phenomenon that should be studied,” student Darren Grose said. “You can learn a lot about American culture and just Internet culture in general.”

Watchdog slams Turkey for blocking YouTube, again September 21, 2007

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A journalist watchdog group criticized Turkey yesterday for ordering a ban on accessing the video-sharing website YouTube because of clips that allegedly insult the country’s leaders.

A court in the eastern city of Sivas on Wednesday ordered the country’s telecommunications company to block access to the popular website because of a video insulting Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, as well as President Abdullah Gul, PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the army. It was the second time Turkey has blocked access to YouTube.

“Blocking an entire website because of a few videos is a disproportionate measure,” the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said.

Prince sues websites over videos September 15, 2007

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American pop star Prince plans to sue YouTube and other websites for unauthorised use of his music.

Trying to “reclaim his art on the internet”, the man behind such hits as Purple Rain, 1999 and When Doves Cry said on Thursday that YouTube could not argue that it had no control over the videos that users posted on its site.

YouTube was clearly able to filter porn and pedophile material but appeared to choose not to filter out the unauthorised music and film content that is core to its business success, a statement on his behalf said.

YouTube responded by saying it was working with artists to help them manage their music on the site. “Most content owners understand that we respect copyrights,” said YouTube’s chief counsel, Zahavah Levine. “We work every day to help them manage their content, and we are developing state-of-the-art tools to let them do that even better.”

Prince also plans legal action against eBay and Pirate Bay, a site accused by Hollywood and the music industry as being a big source of music and film piracy. The legal action is the latest attempt by the music industry to wrest back control over content in an age where file sharing, mobile phones and video sites make enforcing copyright increasingly difficult.

But it is believed to be rare for an individual artist of Prince’s stature to take on popular websites, while some up-and-coming performers actually encourage online file-sharing to create a fan base and buzz around a record.

EU Tube > Sights and sounds of Europe on YouTube July 4, 2007

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The European Commission has launched a dedicated channel on YouTube to make its audiovisual material more widely available to the public.

“This initiative reflects the Commission’s commitment to better explain its policies and actions on issues which concern citizens across the EU, such as climate change, energy or immigration.” said Margot Wallström, Vice-President for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy.

‘EU Tube, the Commission’s new channel on YouTube, was launched on June 29. The non-exclusive arrangement between the European Commission and YouTube aims to present new and innovative ways of informing people on the activities of the European Union through video clips that illustrate the main issues facing citizens from across the 27 member states.

Currently, users can watch approximately 50 video clips on a wide-range of topics, from the EU’s first post-war historical steps to today’s need to safeguard the environment and combat climate change.

To begin with, much of the content is in English, but French and German language clips are also being added. Other languages will be added wherever possible.

“It is very important for the Commission to use all the means at its disposal when it comes to communicating with European citizens. We can not ignore the developments which have taken place on the internet in the past few years, in particular the popularity of video sharing sites such as YouTube”, said Margot Wallström

Discover what’s on EU Tube > www.youtube.com/eutube