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Important Announcement February 3, 2009

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To all our valued readers and visitors >

Please be informed that this blog will NOT be updated, in fact it has been a long time since we last did so. We do appreciate your continuous interest so here are the good news.

We have, since early last year, embarked into our own HOMEBOY MEDIA NETWORK, http://www.homeboynet.com, which currently consists of three dedicated blogs, which are the following >

http://www.homeboy.gr which is a dedicated site in providing you with all the latest news about Greece and Cyprus, in English language.

http://www.homeboytravels.gr which is our dedicated site in providing you with travel culture stimulus, travel guides and other lifestyle and culture news, in English language.

http://www.homeboymagazine.gr which is our Greek language dedicated site in providing both Greek and worldwide culture news and other related subjects.

Under the circumstances, we decided not to update any of our blogs we maintain here at wordpress com.

We shall be pleased to see you visiting our above sites and we do thank you for staying with us.


Please note that we have moved all of our currently available posts, photos and other content material at A Web (not paper) Magazine to our own NEW site [a member of the Homeboy Media Network] which is currently under construction. To keep yourself updated please do visit http://www.homeboynet.com

We will inform you of further developments in the very near future. Thank you!

Posts from our Travel Section June 13, 2008

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Your attention is required >

Please note that the majority of our Travel Section posts and related articles have been moved to our NEW and DEDICATED Travel Blog at > http://travel.homeboy.gr

Please update your bookmarks and favorites with adding our NEW blogs as follows >




Thank you for your attention.

Moving posts to our brand new Travel by Homeboy blog May 1, 2008

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This is just to let you know that we have been moving some of our archived posts, mainly from our current Travel Categories to our own domain blog > http://travel.homeboy.gr

Until we permanently delete these moved posts, we have updated them with necessary information pointing to our own brand new and dedicated Travel by Homeboy blog.

Please also note that we shall do same for other categories related to Travel in general, such as from the Food and Drinks Section.

Please update your bookmarks and favorites accordingly. Thank you for your attention.

A Pre-Announcement March 15, 2008

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A Web (not paper) Magazine [homeboynet.wordpress.com] blog is happy and proud to announce to all readers that it has secured its own domain name, homeboy.gr [ http://homeboy.gr ]

Soon we shall be migrating to our NEW blog [still using the WordPress platform] and we shall move all our existing content to our new blog. Don’t worry though, everything will be done in a smoothly and secured way and nothing will be lost or missed.

We shall keep you up-dated of all developments and more news will be posted on time. For the time being, keep reading us at the existing blog [which, by the way, will not be deleted for goodness sake!]

Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our sincere graditute for reading and promoting us as well as for all your support.

We will keep in touch, so do keep an eye on our Editorials.

Letter from the Editor January 29, 2008

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Dear Readers,


For the last 3 months this blog has been sitting idle. There were no updates, no articles, no news. Much to my regret, and due to serious health reasons, this blog has not been updated. I am sorry for not being able to communicate with you during my absence.

Now that I have fully recovered, I am looking forward to keep writing this blog. I am confident of your kind understanding and thank you very much.