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US and Russia in sandwich battle May 12, 2008

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The Russians made sandwiches shaped like sailing ships

From Cold War to cold meats… sailors from the US and Russian navies have tested their culinary skills in a sandwich-making competition.

The contest was held during a visit by the US destroyer Stethem to the eastern Russian port of Vladivostok to mark Victory Day. Officers also joined in.

A Russian cook took the prize for best-tasting sandwich while an American came top for most original presentation. Sandwiches topped with cucumber sails were among the Russian offerings. The ingredients included peppers, smoked ham, lettuce, cheese, mayonnaise, olives, cherry tomatoes and gherkins.

The US winner in the individual contest got a bottle of vodka, and presented his Russian rivals with USS Stethem caps and sweatshirts in return. Earlier, the Russians had laid on a traditional welcome for the Americans, with vodka and appetisers such as bliny (buckwheat pancakes) with smoked salmon and pickled green tomatoes. Yet a traditional Russian restaurant is hard to find in Vladivostok, where Chinese and Japanese restaurants are much more common.

The crew of the Stethem were taking part in a military parade in Vladivostok for Victory Day, which marks the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945.


Spaniards and Cypriots to drink Bulgarian “Boliyarka” Beer April 19, 2008

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  Bulgarian beer “Boliyarka” company starts to export beer for Spain and Cyprus.

The abroad sales are planned to reach capacity of 70 to 100 thousands hectoliters beer. Thanks to the six new cylindrical containers for fermentation of the beer the sales are expected to increase with 5-10% and the export to Romania to double.

The brewery’s director shared the factory intends to launch for sаlе new sort of beer own production, which will be of new class and will be bottled in 330 and 500 ml bottles. Other renewal of “Boliyarka” company is the beer with transparent self-sticking label.

The factory invested 1 million EUR in the new technology “Clear label” which brought it an award from the Finance Minister Plamen Oresharski and the big award of Bulgarian Chambers of Commerce “Ikar” statue.

A new coffee war brews between Starbucks and McDonalds April 19, 2008

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McDonalds Web site pokes fun at Starbucks snobbery > According to US media the “Golden Arches” Starbucks’ newest nemesis, have a fresh tactic in their battle for America’s coffee dollars. If you can not outsell Starbucks, how about just giving it away.

McDonald’s latest campaign is Free lattes on Friday mornings in Seattle, Starbucks hometown. “It’s quite comparable to Starbucks,” one tester said. There is nothing subtle about this battle of the brews. Aside from the free coffee, McDonalds has launched a website essentially poking fun of Starbucks.

The website address “unsnobbycoffee.com” does not leave much to the imagination. The site is devoted to making Starbucks look snooty and overpriced. “Well, there’s always a catch with something that’s free. But it was okay. I don’t think it’s any better than Starbucks,” said another tester.

Starbucks has a public relations offensive of its own. They recently shut down every store in the country to re-train baristas, and of course get lots of press coverage. “So, we’re hoping that our baristas will walk away with a renewed focus on our standards, and appreciation for all the work that goes into our coffee,” Starbuck manager Ann-Marie Kurtz said.

Starbucks is not backing down, but McDonald’s is not exactly easing up. If it takes giving the stuff away to take over the coffee throne, they are apparently willing to do it, at least for the next few weeks.

If Very Lazy is good enough for Delia March 19, 2008

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It’s not only us mere mortals who know we are onto a good thing with a jar of Very Lazy in the kitchen cupboard. Saint Delia herself also uses them, and is proud to say so.

19-03-08_very_lazy.jpg  In fact, Delia Smith has declared both The English Provender Company’s Very Lazy Ginger and Very Lazy Caramelised Red Onions an official “cheat’s ingredient” in her new book and accompanying TV series How to Cheat at Cooking.

The English Provender Company’s Very Lazy range has cleverly already done the hard work – the peeling, chopping and crushing. So all you have to do is add a spoonful of real ginger or a scoop of deliciously sticky caramelised red onions when you need a meal in a hurry. That way you get all the flavour with none of the fiddle. And you’ll be pleased to know the range includes Very Lazy Garlic and Chillies.

Use Very Lazy Caramelised Red Onions to >

  • Whip up an almost instant French onion soup
  • Make silky onion gravy in the time it takes to grill the sausages
  • Spread over tartlets before topping with goats cheese

Use Very Lazy Ginger to >

  • Pep up a Chinese stir fry
  • Add a kick to steamed or oven baked fish
  • Make a citrusy marinade

Very Lazy range available in major supermarkets. Visit www.Englishprovender.com for full product range and more recipe ideas.

Tea to fight diabetes March 18, 2008

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Drinking tea could help combat diabetes, scientists claimed today. The potentially therapeutic properties in black tea have been discovered by scientists at the University of Dundee.

Green tea has long been held to possess various health benefits. Dr. Graham Rena, of the University’s Neurosciences Institute, said his team’s research into tea compounds is at a pre-clinical, experimental stage. However, he said, “There is definitely something interesting in the way these naturally occurring components of black tea may have a beneficial effect, both in terms of diabetes and our wider health.”

However, people with diabetes should continue to take their medicines as directed by their doctor, Rena stressed. He added, “This is something that needs further research, and people shouldn’t be rushing to drink masses of black tea, thinking it will cure them of diabetes. We are still some way from this leading to new treatments or dietary advice.”

Rena’s team are interested in identifying agents capable of substituting for insulin in Type 2 diabetes, the form of diabetes where the body stops responding to insulin properly. They have discovered that several black tea constituents, known as theaflavins and thearubigins, mimic insulin action.

“What we have found is that these constituents can mimic insulin action on proteins known as FOXOs,” said Rena. “FOXOs have previously been shown to underlie associations between diet and health in a wide variety of organisms including mice, worms and fruit flies. The task now is to see whether we can translate these findings into something useful for human health. Our study is just the first step. If we can identify substances that restore FOXO regulation in people with Type 2 diabetes, we might be able to use these to reduce the considerable burden of serious health problems associated with this diagnosis.”

The results of the research appear in the current issue of the journal Aging Cell. Rena now hopes to secure additional funding for his research to determine more precisely how the tea components mimic insulin action.